Tradetildes is a non-custodial wallet and trading platform that safely secures your crypto and makes it simple to trade.

You are the only one that can access your digital assets, manage your private keys or mnemonic phrases.

You can also use Tradetildes to exchange, trade and store your crypto. You can track your favorite coins, see real-time prices, access graphs and historical data.

The technology powering Tradetildes platform is threshold market making algorithm. With our threshold market making algorithm, we operate a high power trade engines in parralel to boost arbitrage and liquidity mining. multiple parties must cooperate to initiate a crypto transaction. The Tradetildes platform uses game theory and modern speculative algorithms to front run other market makers making huge profit in the process.

Tradetildes is completely free for anyone to store, exchange and trade crypto. In the future we may charge for our service, but we'll make sure to let you know in advance.

Tradetildes does not make any money when you store or exchange your crypto. The processing and network fees for these transactions are paid directly to our partners and to the miners that process and verify your transactions.

Using our wallet, cryptocurrency owners get the security of a hardware wallet and the convenience of a hot wallet, having their crypto secured and readily available to trade and exchange, without any complexities of other non-custodial wallets.
You can only send, receive and convert the cryptocurrencies supported by Tradetildes platform. We are always updating our list of supported coins but you can find the current list in your deposit page.
Anyone in the world can use the Tradetildes crypto platform to trade their digital assets, exchange crypto and track crypto prices.
Unfortunately, due to the irreversible nature of cryptocurrency transactions, your order cannot be cancelled once it has been placed.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions need to be confirmed on blockchain before they show up in your wallet. Due to the nature of blockchains, transaction times vary and can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours.